The List @ 37

This list is my “to work on” priority list and is constantly going to be a work in progress.  I will strike them through when complete.  I promise to never delete them.  No doubt many things… many, many things… will be added…

all in due time!  Enjoy reading my imperfections, I hope that in some way I

  • *inspire you.
  • *help you understand you are not alone.
  • *encourage you to be a better version of you. 
  • *or at the least – I make you feel better that you don’t have as many things to work on!

1. Of course first and foremost is to never take for granted my family.  To cherish every moment with my children and show them each moment they are cherished and loved completely for exactly who they are.

2. Get Fit/Be healthy. This is a big one for me.  I have 40 lbs easy that I can lose and I would really, really like to lose 50.  50 lbs, I know.  Ridiculous.  I swear I am a 130 trapped in a 180 body and I don’t even believe it myself.  Until I step on a scale.

3. Strengthen my own Voice and never let anyone else Mute me.

4. Develop my own passions without consideration to income earned/ “real job” stats.

5.  Have Fun / Laugh More.  I may have to move this up the list!

6.  Go to Hawaii  ❤

7. Visit my family’s cemetery.  I know weird – but as a genealogist and considering it is in this state – I feel bad that I have known about it for years and have never gone.

8.  Visit Scotland and Ireland.


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