Finals Week

In such slow motion

we walk along autumn.

The first snowflake amidst rain

flickers before unnoticed death.

We dance by with eyes closed.

We skip, gallop, we trip and give a

day or two of thanks. We lift our heads,

there it is: Finals Week.

Like brushing teeth without water.

Like combing hair with thick fingers.

We plunge in with a mask but no air tanks.

Who knew we could live so long without breath?


Writing Bare

Original Work published November 30th, 2014 by J.Lyn

At seventeen I Loved
        the language
                and the mouth
There is such beauty in the sounds
There is such melody in the words.
At twenty-five a glimmer
Of the truth slipped out of me and I saw the passion
bloom with birth one, two, and three as I wrote to my children
delving into each love for thee and then not all at once but
slowly slipping, seeping like a daydream of me sleeping
It held me
        Shook me
                Hurt me
                       Killed me
                               Left my carcass broken
                               And bare
There is a loudness in writing truths
There is such pain in speaking hurts.
At thirty-five a floodgate
I must constantly close down so that I can focus
on living the life that I have forged  so I can emit the stories
that demand to be written between the grains of sand falling
and the sounds of the voices of the past.

Here’s to you

Original Work by J.Lyn 11/7/2014

Here’s to you
my funny friends who have
such entertaining posts & tweets.
I lol’d all over the fof or
is there no such thing?
Here’s to you 
my infinite pixeled photo opp
and the ability to share – so teets!
or tits? so totes. Adorbs. For real.
So a word can say a thousand 
words the way a photo can?
So for the year 2014
I devoted all my time to scrolling 
through feeds and clicking like to every
selfie, cool app, baby laughing, cat falling
every random poll that tells me who I am
But I cannot lie
I miss oh four when myspace
was barely there and still not here. 
When friending was done in person
and goose flesh resulted from
hearing laughter and tasting tears and it
Occurred each day for real.

Just Once

                                                                                                                                                                          Original Work 11/7/2014 J.Lyn

Once upon a time in tales of yore
were stories of unmatched moral compass
They reached across from shore to shore
to set right various sorts of rumpus. 
They guided hearts and mended minds
they spoke to kids and wives and husbands.
They warned which words caused lasting binds
and traced traits that made slow time sands.
But then one dark and gloomy day
a man all dressed in night
decided scaring children away
just didn’t seem all that right.
He took the stories, shook them out
shedding what made fright or fear
He aimed for dry and safe all about
as he wanted every record clear.
And soon the children forgot the why
of not to play at night
And there came this woman not at all shy
dancing through moonlight
The colors were Oh! so very Oh!
and everyone craned to see
They followed one by one and so
that city began ceasing to be. 

Hey Blogger! Tell me about yourself…

So after a fairly intense debate about what you read influencing (or not) what and how you write… I am going to the boards!   Tell me – what do you read?

Get specific if you’ld like – do you read only contemporary?

Do you read only or mostly on electronic devices?

Do you read for entertainment?

Where do you find new material??  NYTimes best sellers list?  References from friends/coworkers?

If you were to determine time spent on reading and writing – would it be 50/50??

What you need to read if you really want to self publish…

So you want to publish.

I have already boasted about smashwords, but here is some material I think anyone truly interested in self publishing should want to read. Don’t think I am being altruistic… I want a place I can reference this material!  But if you are doing the searching and came across my blog, you are smart enough to read the following!!


Search “self-publishing” right here on Word press!! (see some of the links below!!)  There are some fabulous people sharing their experiences and advice on the topic right here in this world!  Take the time to  click around and read the different offerings!!


This article is the one I spent the most time looking at and would highly recommend you do the same!!

<< I will continually add to this list as I find more noteworthy info and please feel free to add comments with links or article suggestions! >>

The point, my friends, is that like anything worth doing, you want to take the time to self publish well.  Not just self publish.  Read, Research and then research some more!!   Don’t (DON’T) sign with just anyone because you get to sign or you may find you just signed away your rights to your book, your characters and/or your profit!!!   

Stay smart and safe friends!


If you want to publish like I want to publish….

Raise your hands in the air for Smashwords!!!

Here is there link – everything including some advice – is easy to read/easy to find.

Read this and get busy!!

I look forward to sharing my book(s) with you and feel free to link up your material for all to see here!!  Thanks!


The Author in me…

I love writing.  I love the eloquent way the words can flow into one another or one word can reach out and expose feelings; tears, laughter, grief,  or solace.   In times of excess stress, sadness, tension – a good book can transport you out of your own mind, away from your troubles, refresh you so that at the end – you can tackle those problems with vigor and a positive attitude!   It is the truest form of magic and I, for as long as I can remember, have picked up my ‘wand’ and practiced.

As a result, I have note pages here, there and everywhere of poems, lyrics, story outlines and boxes of pages and pages of manuscripts waiting….   to be edited, to be read, to be published.

And I am certainly not getting younger, so it is time to figure these into my things to do!

Here is my progress updates, my journey and hopefully (soon) a link to purchase!