Seattle, Day 5


This first lot of images is just close ups found around the downtown area.  It really shows the beauty to be had everywhere you look!


We spent the morning today really just being lazy.  We headed out for a brunch at Lola’s again and it was as fabulous the second time as the first!  Then we did a bit of shopping.   I stood in line for 20 minutes to snap a few pictures of the very first Starbucks and to grab a souvenir for a friend, but once I got in an employee explained they were out of alot of things and the truck would be in tonight so if I could come back in the morning not only would I avoid the line, they would be fully restocked.  Bonus!  From there we ducked into a little shop called The Paper Hammer.  It had the cutest stock cards, notecards, etc.  I didn’t get anything, because I just couldn’t see spending $20 on paper, but it was beautiful to look at.

We did take the time to stop back in at The Chocolate Box to grab another Moscato (to replace the take home one we ended up dipping into last night 🙂  ~  again the staff was very friendly and let me know that in Mid-January they would get another shipment and that I could call and order by twos and they would ship it to me *this makes me happy*

We took a cab home because it was a bit chilly (I feel very guilty writing this as back home they are experiencing below zero temps).  Now we are just taking some down time before I cook a fabulous meal!!  Lemon-pepper chicken with Spaghetti squash.  We plan on staying in for the evening.  We will probably play another game of scrabble and drink a bit more wine…  a perfect evening.

This has been such a wonderful opportunity, but I started missing my kids the minute I left them.  It is good to step away a bit here and there but I am definitely excited to hug and kiss them again!

In the meantime I plan to enjoy my final few days here.  Tomorrow being New Years Eve – we have a spectacular view of the Space Needle- and look forward to taking advantage of that to the fullest.  We plan to get dressed up, have dinner at home then head out for a drink. Wednesday perhaps we will do a wine tour or travel to see the mountains, then Thursday so very early in the morning I have to be at the airport.

Thank you for traveling with me!


Evening of day 3, Seattle


After venturing downtown for most of the day, window shopping and looking for useful souvenirs (is THAT the ultimate oxymoron?!)  we tripped into this Chocolate and Wine on Pine store.  It. Was. Awesome.  No, no.  It. Was. FANTABULOUS!!   The staff there was extremely friendly and well informed about everything they had in store.  They were prompt to offer extra packaging when they asked enough questions to determine I was from out of State.  They were friendly and sincerely loved their job… ALL of them.  Their recommendations were spot on.  I can not say enough!

I am going to have to order and ship this home once I run out!

So exhausted and blissfully happy with our beverage selection we opted to make dinner at home.  A heavenly cheese, bread and meat plate with a side of my new absolute favorite Moscato!!!

If you ever happen into Seattle, don’t waste your money on a t-shirt, stop in at The Chocolate Box and they will help you choose a gift that will be remembered fondly!!

Check it out: