Ever have one of those days that you type a status, delete it. Think about it.  Type another status, delete it.  Really want to post it, but you don’t so you just end up feeling bottled up and alone???  I don’t have them often, but boy oh boy, when I do – I do!

Everyone has these days!!  Today it occurred to me just how superficial my own blog seems and boy that sooooo does not fit me!   I struggle with my positivity.  I feel jealousy, frustration, sadness, anger and selfishness.  I have bad days and extremely bad days. I have days, friends or/& family  shits on me in ways they don’t even realize much less recognize ( or if they do – boy they need to be trimmed out!!).  Which leads rather nicely into WHY I am creating a page titled “Rants”!!

There are advantages to tracking your rants!!

  • You can spot “Repeat Offenders” and trim them out for a happier life!! (EXPEL)
  • You can learn to ACCEPT some rants are completely within acceptable terms and learn to take them with a grain of salt.
  • You can LAUGH  and then dismiss them for the hilarity ensuing one time event that they are!

As with everything I write here – JOIN in!!   Share, Purge, Dismiss with me!!




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