Welcome to my humble (virtual) home!

I hope you take some time to dig around the different pages and categories there is surely something for everyone!

**If you hover over Welcome in the Menu above –

you will see links to Why this blog, About this blog and About this blogger!!!**

* Get Fit :  My fitness diary.  I list my experiences, what doesn’t work for me, what does and open discussions on what works for others!!

*  SuperMom: a parenting journal exploring thoughts, ideas, and general experiences!!

* EvertheStudent : Returning to College at the age of 36 with three children under the age of 12.  Discussions provoked by courses, balancing school and family, and all other related thoughts…

Words : thoughts / ideas on getting published, along with sales pitches for my work… coming soon! lol  🙂

* Seen : a collection of photographs and ideas that are best expressed by photos!!

* Heard :  Quotes, things I have heard or things told to me that inspire me & hopefully you!

* Sited : Sites (websites that is…) that really are lifesaving in correlation to  some aspect of being female ~or~ being a parent ~or~ being a student ~or~~~~~

*Rant : my most recent add on – because, well, nobody is happy all the time!!  We all need a shoulder once in a while.  We need to purge out those negative experiences so we can let go and move on!!!

* 37 :  My list of things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year!!

PLEASE  feel free to add comments!  

Unlike my twenty-something  self  my 30 yr old self actually listens when someone offers suggestions, advice or stories!

You can click anywhere and rummage around (I promise I won’t stop you!)

Thank you for visiting!

 Feel free to take off your coat and stay awhile!!



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