Education and Life-Readiness

There is a time to learn, study, question, think.  Then there is a time to get up off your arse and do something – Act.


If you’ve been around here awhile you know I am a Mom of three going back to school in my… we will call it mid-thirties.

The question I field the most is “Why?”

There are the reasons that echo others, such as “I love kids” with an added punch of “I don’t always love kids, but I always believe in their ability to do better and more than we have.”

I love the unpredictable nature of the classroom.

I love being organized and I love preparing.  I love it even more when something unexpected happens!


There are two  reasons I am studying Education that haven’t even remotely crossed the minds of most of my classmates.

Reason 1.  If you don’t want to do – I will.

I am tired of teachers threatening (with their educated mouths) to walk away (in their perfectly matched outfit) or drive away (in their shiny, nice cars) from students who are supposedly their “main priority”.  Now before you get your panties in a bundle = I am NOT saying that Teachers don’t deserve these things and more – they DO!!  But teachers are walking around asking, “Why is the public so against teachers?”  The public isn’t.  But while you have been complaining about not getting a raise, the “public” lost their house, their job, or/AND their benefits – COMPLETELY.  Yet you are so focused on you & the 1% of your community rolling in money that you are not seeing everyone else.  You complain that Johnny’s parents are not supporting his academics by sitting down with him and doing his homework at night, but you fail to understand that his parents were trying to figure out where to get the money to pay the bill collectors they never thought would be calling them.   There is no one to stop it from coming out of their FOOD budget, because you see  – they want to do right.  They just don’t know have the funds to cover it all.  You stand and talk about Bob’s or Jane’s “chances” because of what the parents aren’t doing – but you are not taking responsibility for being the one who knows WHAT IT TAKES for that child to be successful and doing NOTHING but pointing out who is not doing what for them.

Reason 2. I like being a villager.

You know that saying – it takes a village???  Well besides parents – it is TEACHERS who make up that village.  So when a child isn’t successful or prepared it is truth that has part of the blame at the school’s door.   I have explored several fields in my time.  What I have learned is that everyone works hard (okay, okay, not everyone.  But what we too easily forget is that those people are the minority. We have to stop changing things because of the 0.0025% of the population that might take advantage. Believe me – most do not want to live on government assistance.)  So most work hard.  Working hard is life.  Enjoying working hard and enjoying what working hard gets you is life.  It is the lesson our kids are failing to get.


So let’s talk about the two sides of the “Education” coin.

*On one side there is everything we can see that has changed in Education since we (adults) were there last.  No more penmanship class.  No more daily music, phy ed, or art class.  All eyes on STEM.  Foreign languages are optional later – even though we know how much easier it is when they are young.  And who needs English?  Reading all those really old books?  Speech class?  Writing?  Please.

*On the other side is everything we are being asked of as parents, that we damned well know our parents were not asked of.  Like doing up to two hrs of homework and reading PER CHILD each night.  That on top of school supplies at the beginning of the year – we are asked to pay fees for additional supplies, art costs, t-shirt costs, field trip costs, sports fees, etc.  We as children enjoyed most of these things, but our parents did not pay out of pocket for them.  Where did the money come from before?

Then there are the statistics that speak volumes for both sides of the coin we are currently tossing about.   Less than, let me repeat, LESS THAN 40% of High School Grads are ready for college:   — What are they ready for then?

How is that even possible??  We have middle-schoolers studying things I didn’t hear about until I was in late High School.  We have K and 1st graders studying math equations and analyzing the different parts of a story.  Hell, they are supposed to know their alphabet and how to spell their name, as well as knowing their address before Preschool.  Are we really confused about why our kids are crashing and burning at seventeen or younger???

When are we going to realize that our children deserve BETTER than we had – not just DIFFERENT than we had???  Why does it always seem we as a people go from one extreme to the other?  Why can’t we look at what is working and just focus on that which can be done better instead of trying to change the whole blasted system?!   It is a pyramid people – not a pendulum – that lasts through time.

So here is the get up off my arse and do something about it:

You can not improve something if you do not understand how it functions currently, right? (This is a no brainer for most people, but for some of you politicians out there I know it may be a shock).  So I am in Education, learning about what is currently happening.  I plan to teach because I know it is more than just learning about how something is supposed to work – I need first hand knowledge of what is happening.  Plus it is about damn time kids realize there are those of us who will NOT give up.  There are those of us who KNOW you are capable of GREAT things.  Let me be perfectly clear: I am not the lone person standing and caring – I am the voice saying “LOOK  in your classrooms RIGHT NOW, regardless of how tired or unhappy they may seem – THOSE people = teachers = they KNOW you are AMAZING!  Parents – regardless of how tired or unhappy they may seem – they ONLY want what is best for you.

I don’t mean to sound snarky or as if I know it all.  Never in my life have I ever claimed to know it all.  In fact – my soap box is that none of us are designed to know it ALL.   The focus should not be on who can memorize the most historical data.  It should not be who can recite the presidents of the US.  The focus should be on:

HOW to learn

HOW to take notes

HOW to study

HOW to question


Math, Science, Social Studies, Engineering, Technology, even Music, art, phy ed, language, writing and speech – these are not SUBjects to study – they are avenues we travel once we have a base understanding of how these “HOW”s work!  They are the transportation we take in order to grow learning, taking notes, studying, questioning and thinking!!!    When we graduated high school and we stepped into real life -we used THESE skills to explore different life paths.  Some paths for some of us were paths we stayed on to this day.  For others – hopping paths helped achieve happiness.  But one thing is the same – we had the ability to make the best of what we had and focus on the things we wanted. We had the tools – we knew the “How” of what to learn and how to learn to get where we wanted to be.   THAT is what we were armed with.  That is how we felt READY to take on the world.

School is the place where you learn to read.  You learn to research.  You learn to think.

Then you get up off your arse and DO something with what you know.

THAT is life.

We need to stop this focus on individual courses of study – – Now, now – – no pendulum here!!!  We are not getting rid of these things!!!  These are the avenues that we let our children explore – to help them identify the things they LOVE, the people they want to BECOME!  Our focus as EDUCATORS (be it teachers or parents) – is to return focus to the HOW






It doesn’t form a pretty acronym.  It doesn’t focus on college-readiness, career-readiness or community-readiness individually.  It’s whole focus is LIFE-readiness.

I think education needs to return to the basics.

 Address the “How” and let the kids answer.





Don’t be too surprised if in the future – I open….

A  learn, study, question, think, act  Academy.

maybe A2A Academy?  Life-Readiness School?  Hmmm…it may require *gasp* thought.  Anyway –

We will teach penmanship.  We will teach manners.  We will teach respect.  We will teach creativity.  We will teach Reading, Writing, Math, Music, Art, Languages and Science.  It will bloom into more specific fields of study!  But the focus will remain on learning to learn.


You can voice your disagreement, your contradictions, your thoughts!  Please do!!

I learned a long time ago that discomfort is the path to growth ( yep – being female I had that nailed down before my teens).  Seriously – we can NOT expect to solve or resolve anything if we can not respect others enough to hear them out.  To really listen. You can not challenge a thought if you haven’t listened to the whole of it!


Pre-K Mean Girls on ABC…. but, but, but…

Young Girl

So I am watching ABC and they are acting as if Mean Girls as young as Preschool and Kindergarten are something new.  They have even mentioned that perhaps blame should be placed on technology, something about the lack of interaction…..  And here are a few more quick quotes:

“We are seeing it more and more”

“cultural materialism”

“weird perfect storm”


I cry bullshit.

Little Mean Girls are not a new phenom.  It isn’t happening any more than it used to.  People are calling attention to it more using forums like Facebook and Twitter.  It is harder for the Prom queen to get away treating everyone like crap because it is easier for kids to rally together against it.  But walk into any small town – any classroom in that town – and you can talk to the kids about the classroom hierarchy.  One that is based off of the hierarchy the adults have exampled for the children their whole life.  If you are shaking your head “no” then you are part of the shitty hierarchy the children follow.

If we as a society had ANY desire to change it we would stand in front of the mirror and make the changes there.

But I digress, ABC hosts practically sang the words “Teach them to be kind… yes, yes, be kind!”  Like the wrapping up of the Disney story.

Don’t get me wrong I think most people have the best intention to teach their children to be kind, but then there are the “but”s.

“But you are strong and independent and that you shouldn’t change.”

“But you shouldn’t be ashamed that people like you and not her.”

The one that I believe is used MOST often:     “But kids will be kids”

If you have said these things – there is a very good chance not only is your child the Mean Kid, but YOU are probably the Mean Adult.

So I bring this up, not because I am going to tell you how we should be or what we should do, but because I think often we don’t face the reality of situations.  It comes in handy to blame technology because then the newscasters could not possibly have been mean kids.  (Though I bet of the four that were onscreen,  at least 3 of them were.)  It comes in handy because then we don’t have to analyze the history or the responsibility WE carry – we can just sweep reality under the carpet and act as if these are NEW problems.

And this is why I am frustrated enough to write about it.

There is nothing new here.  This has been going on since the first classroom, no, from the first settlement probably.  Well – as much as I like the sarcasm of that statement – I can only vouch for the 90’s and on.  When I was in grade school, I remember overhearing a teacher tell a student, “All this will be nothing as soon as you get to high school.  That is where kids start growing up and maturing,  The childish name calling will stop.”

Lies! Lies, I tell ya!

It didn’t stop – it just reflected the image of society better.  You had the smokers, the jocks, the preppies, the priss- I mean princesses.  You had the nerds, which were different than the smart/rich/good-looking kids who would just be termed “Academics”  For every Homecoming or Prom court – no matter how big or small – minus off ONE and only one child, the rest of them = mean kids.  There is always one refreshing NICE kid that got voted in because he or she is just KIND. But I would say that’s probably it.

Perhaps before the 90’s – there was a transformation in high school.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………..  Can anyone lead credence to this?  Please comment!

But to continue:

The question we have to ask is – do we have any real desire to change it or do we admit that this is how our society and yes how our classrooms function and put the focus on giving our children the tools to deal with it?

How do you deal with the mean kids? the bullies?  – – -Don’t pretend they are not out there.  They are.

What are your thoughts?  I would love to round table this…. without the blinders on.  Schools, taxpayers pay thousands of dollars on “Anti-Bullying” campaigns.  Are we in the right mind set for any campaign to be effective?  Share away!



Miley Cyrus and the Ultimate Mash Up

I’m certain you are getting sick of it.  People are spewing judgement all over facebook and in the harsher cases straight up hatred.

Am I the only one left shaking my head??

First point – and I want to be clear here – this isn’t being written from a parent standpoint.  I don’t let my children stay up past 8pm.  They are not allowed to watch Spongebob much less the VMA’s.    Why?  Because as a parent I long ago made the decision that I am in control of the almighty remote and there are certain (many) shows I do not believe are appropriate for children.

So here I am shaking my head.  Not at Miley, but at everyone else.  

That PERFORMANCE was nothing more than a mash up of the following:

bears         +                 KISS                +

and add in the next step of raunchy female “shock me, shock me, shock me” dancing and undressing (the list is really so long from Madonna to Pink to Brittany to Rihanna to Lady Gaga, I mean really we don’t have time to list them all.But one thing is perfectly clear – we supported them all – the more raunchy they got the more money they made – a fact that Miley Cyrus who has been in the industry for over 8 years is probably very aware of.)   Anywho, add this all up and it

equals   =

Miley Cyrus, MTV Video Music Awards

Don’t you see??  If you are gearing up to point a finger – better find a mirror!!!  We are all to blame for approving of things all the way.  This is the lifestyle mainstream public not only demanded but paid for.

Now as for Miley’s actions… I want you to take a minute.  Think about yourself at 20.  Now, imagine you had money coming out of your ears.  Cameras follow you day and night waiting for you to make a mistake, trip, pick your nose….  and they have been at it for 8 years.

I don’t approve of Miley’s actions, but there are a few things it seems that have slipped our collective minds.

1. What happens on the stage is not real.  It is a production.  It is choreographed for shock value.   (So all of you gasping at the audacity of a young woman dancing up on a married man – Pah lease!!  As if he wasn’t part of setting THAT up!)

2.  I doubt any of us would make much better decisions if plopped into that lifestyle at that age.  

3.  It is the culmination of everything we paid for in the past.

And as all the adults “tsk, tsk”  – all the kids (that the adults are not talking to about this newsworthy feat) are taking note of all the attention paid to that behavior.

One final note,

>>This one is being said in my best Mom voice<<

as I tell my own children:

You are right –  at 18 you are responsible legally for your actions, but that doesn’t mean you stop being responsible to this family for your actions – it just means you answer to both.  I am your Mother forever – not just until society dictates you can answer for yourself.  Parenting is the one job you can not be fired from.   I have 18 years to make you strong enough and smart enough to know that every word you say and every action you take represents this family, this city, this state and this Nation.

I do realize that none of my kids are stars……


but that wouldn’t change my voice on this issue.

~J.Lyn       😉


P.S.  Looking for some Funny??   Click here:

or here:




Giving : those in need vs Those in NEED.

I need to take a few minutes to catch you up on this rant….

So recently in the city that I live  a fundraising group called Altrusa held their Back to School Fair.  IF your family qualifies (which must be determined at the end of the previous year of school), they have volunteers that will walk your children through the local YMCA which has all these different stations with all the supplies your child will need for school, including gift certificates to cover a large part of the cost for tennis shoes.  It is amazing.  It is fabulous.  My family doesn’t qualify, but we did once and at that point we really needed the help so now I think it is fabulous (but you may want to hold your applause).

So a few days ago on facebook I see a video ad for this great charity.  Then I see some photos promoting the event.  The problem??  In the photos and ads other people in the community who don’t quite qualify  have recognized the children and know the families in the ads.  THEY are the same families wearing nice clothes, driving nice cars, and their children are in expensive programs.  So… yep… even I got upset.

Then I felt bad.  The old Catholic guilt crawled up my spine and whispered in my ear.

So then I posted this on my facebook:

Not trying to be preachy but something I have recently had to remind myself…
It really isn’t fair to criticize those in need or to try to deem others more or less worthy of help. I lost interest in Extreme Home Makeover when I realized that they weren’t just out for the good of the action – they had qualifiers. My focus since that revelation has been to give because giving is good and it isn’t my place to judge those who receive or HOW they use it. I don’t care if someone takes an item at my rummage sale and sells it for more – they must need it. I don’t care if someone takes my gift and resales it – they must need to do it and my gift was to them to do as they pleased – not so I could be reminded of my own greatness by limiting others. I still get upset when I see abuses, and being a vocal person – I am sure you heard me. But this is my own gentle reminder it is not my place to judge.

Then the memories began to swamp me.  Once upon a time, My husband and I welcomed into our home a woman and her kids who we thought were in NEED.  We found out later that the Mother’s NEED was to live out of our home for free, with free cable, free a/c or heat, free space while she bought designer sunglasses and dresses and took her kids here, there and everywhere.

I depend on Karma to kick that woman in the ass, even if it waits until her children are safely out of the way.

But in the meantime, I see her and her fake attitude and fake sincerity conning people.  People I don’t know well, but I do know.  I have kept my mouth closed.

So here is where I need you all – give me your input, thoughts, advice…..

Is it on other humans to police and be vocal about abusers of the system or do you believe that we should do our best not to judge and let things resolve themselves??  

Let me hear you!!!


An inch, A mile. Your Right or Mine? Is compromise even a word anymore?

So I am a little peeved right now and I am headed into a rant…  I beg your pardon as I am writing this NOT to offend anyone, but to hopefully make everyone THINK a bit.


A Preface for Thought:

Should something be considered your right if in and of itself your right takes a choice from others?

Think about this.

No… truly think about it.

Before you keep reading jot down your answer to it.


I am going to tell you the topic.

Are you really ready?



Okay, okay – I know.  Heated topic, everyone is pretty set in where they stand.  But let’s eliminate parts that I think everyone can agree on.

We are not discussing a woman’s right to breastfeed.  Every woman deserves the right to chose to feed their child in the way God (or whoever you believe in) intended.   So – – breathe.


Here is the article that lit the embers…

I repeat:  I agree that every woman has the right to chose to breastfeed.   I think it is beautiful.  It should be celebrated.  So is sexual intercourse.  That doesn’t mean either should be done in front of a class of children.

Is anyone else not seeing the mile being taken when the inch that was proper was given??

We discourage nudity still right?  I mean if I walked out my front door topless and down the sidewalk, besides a few screeching brakes I am certain I would hear sirens.  I am certain I would be ticketed and if I refused to cover up – I would be covered involuntarily and hauled off to jail and more tickets would be applied.

The judge in my trial would tell me that in my home I have the right to be topless if I so chose, but in public – not.

– – –

I am a Mother to three children.  Feeding time was special.  I chose not to breastfeed.  I was a young Mom and I would have chosen differently if I knew then what I know now.  BUT I would still feed in the privacy of my home.  When out and about – if it had to be done – I would RESPECT others and cover up.  Why?  Because my right to feed my child does NOT HAVE TO infringe on other’s rights who may feel that nudity in any form does not have a place in public.

I am one of THOSE prudes, I guess.

I Thank the Lord that certain magazines have to have a black cover.  It doesn’t mean I think that we should take away the magazine or persecute the women who chose to be photographed as such.  It just means I want to bring my children up that their bodies are special NOT to be shared with everyone, NOT to be viewed by just anyone…. WHY do you feel that you have the RIGHT to take that CHOICE from me on how to raise my children?  What I think they should see when they are in public??  WHAT makes YOUR Right so much more important then MY right?  Then my children’s rights?  To impact the lives of countless children?  I know you think you are taking a stand to show other future women their rights… but is it right?  Are you sure?  Or are you influencing CHILDREN who lack the knowledge and experience to make a responsible choice about their actions?  influencing children who don’t understand the difference between you whipping your tit out in public to feed a child and a woman whipping her tit out for attention of the not-so-pure kind.  After all a boob is a boob.

To Lucy Eades and her husband – I think you are selfish.  No one was prohibiting you from feeding your child – they just wanted to allow all of their guests comfort, but I guess you deserve more than the rest of us, huh?

Kudos to Burleson Recreation Center.  They tried extremely hard to be politically correct and carry out respect for ALL of their patrons.

Of course we all want to stand for something… but does that mean we stand for anything???  

Feed your child any way you see fit.  No one is telling you – you can’t.  But where you breast feed is another story… whip that thing out anywhere in your house – I am certain your guests will find ways to deal or get used to it or stop coming or applaud you.  But in public – you are crossing a line to other’s rights.

One slogan I’ve read is “It’s a boob, get over it.”  Well, I am certain there are plenty of men out there that say/have said, “It’s a dick, get over it.”  Yet it is still illegal for them to be slinging it out for ANY reason.

Forcing your views on others should NOT have an exception list.  It just shouldn’t be done.  ,

End Rant.

As usual – feel free to express your opinions. Learning and Growing is a fabulous thing – just be sure you are as open to what I and other are saying as you expect us to be to your words.

Ally McBeal, Alice in Wonderland, and learning to *not* stop talking

So today someone came to my home.  in my home.  and asked me a question.  Their voice lilted appropriately at the end of their sentence to signify a question.

Only after I took a breath, was promptly cut off by their own response and left to exhale slowly so as to not be thought of as rude…  did I realize this happens often.  Often enough that in what has become a typical Ally McBeal way – I slipped easily into a character that verbally tore this person a new a$$hole.  All the most perfect words that never come together for me in the heat of the moment flowed from my lips like the most talented of all rap artists.  My adversary shrunk so quickly Alice in Wonderland was left blinking in astonishment and perhaps a tinge of jealousy.

But not really.  As that would not be nice.  I let them talk it out.

I waited.  I have 3 kids after all.  I can be the Queen of Patience.  When at the next breath their sentence lilted indicating this was a direct question, I tilted my head, opened my mouth and dared to respond with my opinion.

It is what was asked of me, in my home, at my table.

Once I finished there was barely a moment of hesitation before I was told I was wrong.

>insert image of my own head exploding here<

Is it a necessary thing to explain to others that my opinion may be different, but that does not mean it is wrong?  I found myself biting my own tongue, refraining from any comment at all and nodded in agreement








I fear my own skin!  My own mouth has betrayed me!  I have always maintained a formidable  intention to always speak my mind regardless of who may disagree.

Then a funny thing happened (this is a sarcastic remark).   I found myself being insulted in my own home.  For what?  For having an idealistic vision of the workplace and “not being able to keep my mouth shut” about the ways to bring reality closer to my ideal view.

I am so effin’ tired of feeling like I need to apologize for who I am, for what I think.  I am 36 years old for goodness sake!  I have birthed 3 children.  Survived losing 2 Fathers – one as a child – the other just last year.  I work hard.  I think hard.  I try to consider how other’s feel and think.  When are we going to realize that we can each express our opinions?  It does not mean that other’s must adhere to our views.  It does not mean that they must agree with our views.  It doesn’t even mean others have to sit and listen!  But if we do take the time to listen – our ideas combined – pieced out here and taking a bit of another’s thoughts there – we may just come up with something better than any of the singular ideas alone?!?  And doesn’t this sound familiar??  “Two heads are better than one.” Right?

Apparently like so many words of wisdom – they are disregarded.

I am working towards a list apparently.  A list of promises to myself.  A list of things I need to work on. These are going on the list.

I promise not to let someone roll over my words.

I promise not to let someone roll over… me.

Why is it that I feel like I am spending my adult life defending and reaffirming morals and character traits that I held firm to as a child??  Hmmm. 

Please share your thoughts, stories, reactions, your methods of dealing with these situations!!  Thank you kindly in advance!!


16 Reasons NOT to have Sex Daily….

16 Not reasons

(article has photo credit – but I couldn’t find any actual credit given just a broken link that states “image credit”)

Any other person fed up with these types of articles?????

Look, I have nothing against sex.

I don’t even have anything against daily sex

except that it is completely, and I beg your pardon, COMPLETELY unrealistic for most lifestyles.

It is this type of article that gets husbands all… wound up = feeling unloved, feeling as though that grass over “there” gets watered more often.  It makes them feel as if they are missing out on something most other guys have.    Allow me to clarify – this is not a reality!!  I am certain I can find an article that reads “16 reasons to jump off a cliff” does that mean you should??   Does that mean that within the realm of our daily lives, working, studying, taking care of children/parents/friends/family/ourselves, more working, trying to find some hobby or relaxation in the hectic-ness that is our busy dang  lives – that I make time each and every day in the midst of making time to deal with all the other crisis that I must make time to deal with this as well!!!   BAH!!!

And show me please!  show me one individual who has sex daily!  (Even porn stars take a day off here and there.) But I will qualify this: same partner year after year (consistency) with a family to take care of (higher priorities) and not independently wealthy (needing to work for a living).

So here are my 16 reasons Not to have sex daily in response to those provided:

1.  De-stress:  imagine all the stress you place on yourself at the end of each and every day, after everything you have accomplished  to make sure your partner is pleased……. gone!  And you just do it when you both have the energy and time!  Go ahead take a minute and imagine it…… *sigh*

2.  Chasing your kids, running to avoid being late for work and then of course the exercise you do to stay in shape are all a great form of exercise.  Be satisfied with yourself and don’t place any more pressure on yourself to do more.

3.  Lowering high blood pressure is done through diet and exercise – both of which you do – so don’t add to this worry list!

4.  – 15.  Making Love should be for the mutual pleasure of both parties when there is a good amount of time and both parties have plenty of energy and the firm (no pun intended, but there it is) desire to express love through these specific actions. No guilt, no pressure, no friggin article telling you that what is currently happening in your life is not good enough.  You decide this based on your lifestyles and what you have going on.

16.  The 16th reason Not to have sex daily is the biggest non-kept secret of married sex success and happiness:  The Anticipation of finally being able to do it!!!   If you are doing it all the time, yes, yes, there are all those other things you can do to spice it up but after a while – well, bread is still bread – no matter how you slice it or dress it up.  But, oh… NOTHING beats, ahem, beats that excitement of finally looking into your spouse’s eyes knowing it is about to happen and you have the energy for it and the time is readily available and exactly right.  It’s better than virgin anticipation because you both know what to do and how to do it (and how to do it again even better) and then you can sigh and be happy the both of you together.

It is absolutely atrocious that articles like this even market themselves as “show this to your partner” to “change their mind”.  Having sex / making love shouldn’t be a damn debate to win!!!  And it is incredulous that it is written anywhere to work on changing someone’s mind.  How about we post as many articles on accepting other’s decisions?

Why do we seem to be treading water when it comes to equality with women?  Because we can’t even just say “not tonight honey” without guilt, reprimands and reams of articles in argument of how WE are feeling or what we are feeling or not feeling or what we should be doing or feeling!!!!

Think about it guys : when you are tired (we won’t say it out loud – you know – that you are too tired for sex) but you are (and that is okay!!)… you don’t have to say “Not tonight honey”, you just say good-night and I love you and you roll over and sleep.  Next time your wife says goodnight – respect her and allow her the same courtesy she allows you.  You may even find the next time you wiggle your eyebrows at the fact the house is empty she is more than game to race you to the bedroom!


Beware the shooting sharks ~ they’ll leave you rant-less!

I was entirely ready to Rant (yes, I mean business with my capital r!)

I settled down with my laptop comfortably (yes- you guessed it) in my lap on my sofa.

Prepared with my water within reach on a coaster.

and took a deep breath….

*insert serious snorting laughter here*

I look over to the television to see what my husband has deemed laugh-worthy (there isn’t much on tv that qualifies) and I can not help myself!  I actually laughed so hard within the first 15 seconds of my glance that, in fear of dropping my laptop, I had to put it on the coffee table so that I could safely double over in giggles!  Somehow or another we found ourselves unable to change the station from the SyFy channel and a movie starring Tara Reid and that Ian guy from 90210. What is the title? you beg – I know the anticipation is killing you!!  It is called, “Sharknado”.  Yes, you have read that correctly.  Don’t be afraid to ask… what?!?  (I did!)  It is Shark and Tornado.

At this point it is relevant to believe that you too can come up with a T.V. worthy movie title by writing weather phenom in one stack of papers and scary animals in the other then pick and find a way to combine them!  Ready???

Tsunomi and Pirana – Pirnomi!!

Blizzard and Anaconda – Anazard!!

Volcano and Alligators – Volcators!!

<if you are from the SyFy channel and are interested in using any of these – message me, lol!

And this is happening in Kansas?  No.  No.  Instead it is all set in – yes, you guessed it – L.A.   No – you didn’t guess that?  Hmph.  {mental note to add setting to the above game}

Think “Jaws” crossed with “The Wizard of Oz” with a touch of “Soul Surfer” minus any breathe of reality!


Yeah, I can’t believe we watched it all either!  It was entirely predictable, but you just had to watch just to make sure that you had predicted it correctly!

I know.  You have all taken a moment to google it.  Believe it or not  – it is a new release.

I am still laughing.

My next thought, “We must immediately begin work on a drinking game to this movie!!”  (My sister had the exact same thought when I told her what we were watching which assures me it is a normal response,lol).  Every time you predict a person being eaten correctly, DRINK!”  Goodness, we’d all be dead.  From the sharknado.  BAHAHAHAHAHA.  Couldn’t help myself!  So sorry – I will try to contain myself to finish this out…

So although I’ve been through some stuff the last few days that truly fueled what was sure to be a most pleasurable, even memorable rant – I can’t even think past the sharks shooting out of a sewer drain!

I guess this is my sign that…

Life could Always be worse!!!



Rant for Reality’s sake

 Ever have one of those days that you type a status, delete it. Think about it.  Type another status, delete it.  Really want to post it, but you don’t so you just end up feeling bottled up and alone???  I don’t have them often, but boy oh boy, when I do – I do!


Everyone has these days!!  Today it occurred to me just how superficial my own blog seemed and boy that soooooooo does not fit me!  I struggle with my positivity.  I feel jealousy, frustration, sadness, anger, and selfishness.  I have bad days and extremely bad days.  I have days, weeks, friends &/or family that shits on me in ways they don’t even realize much less recognize (or if they do they need to be trimmed out!)  Which leads rather nicely into WHY I am creating a page titled “Rants”.

There are advantages to tracking your rants!!

  • You can spot “Repeat Offenders” and trim them out for a happier life!! (EXPEL)
  • You can learn to ACCEPT some rants are completely within acceptable terms and learn to take them with a grain of salt.
  • You can LAUGH  and then dismiss them for the hilarity ensuing one time event that they are!

As with everything I write here – JOIN in!!   Share, Purge, Dismiss with me!!