Accidental Happiness

and she traveled through the night

for so long the glimmer of sunshine 

shocked her head and heart

had she not been frozen with fear

she would have run back into the 

darkness for it was at least 

something she knew well.

Then all at once her shoulders dropped

she stood tall and breathed deep

and stepped into the light


August 1st, 2016



January 8

New year, New Profession

Today is Friday, January 8th, 2016.  I am finishing up the first week of my student teaching and I am exhilarated an exhausted.


January 1st, 2016

With the new year comes the typical evaluation of one’s life.  As much as any of us might be refuting this out loud, in our minds it is happening.  I, too, am infected with this malady.

It doesn’t help my case that this is the year I turn 40.

Rather than spend time trying to convince you (ahem, myself) that turning 40 is just another year I have decided to just set about 40 things I wish to accomplish by that event… in just 263 days… which gives me 37 weeks.  Not that I am counting or anything.

So here goes..

  1. I want to lose 25# of myself in 37 weeks.  Healthy. Attainable.
  2. Implement exercise/yoga as part of my daily life.  For me.  Because I want to.
  3. Implement writing as part of my daily life.  Now, I am student teaching this semester and it is required as part of my program, but once June hits I want to continue this each day.  Reflecting not just on my professional life, but my personal life as well.
  4. Write, Write On.  Beyond reflection, I want to keep working on my Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction Writing.  There is a fabulous group I want to get involved with here –>
  5. Purge!  Oh my word, this house is full.  Beyond the fact we seem to be accruing animals much faster than we accrued children, we have stuff.  Lots of stuff.  It is past time to organize and downsize.  Now this may be a focus for June/July, but focus I must!
  6. One thing in, one thing out.  A new rule to live by to help avoid the stuff problem.
  7. With minimizing complete, I want to return my buying focus to quality NOT value.
  8. Food.  I want better food in my house for my kids.  Organic, local, non-GMO. no exceptions.
  9. Clothing.  How much does a person need really? This is one that will have to wait a bit as well.  I have things from the 90s collecting the years waiting to fit back on my frame – that can all go.  But I heard of this trick of turning your hangers around and in 6 months whatever hasn’t been used – lose.  I like it!  Hopefully in Wisco, 6  months will run us the gamut of needs as far as apparel goes!
  10. Each day make the choice to be happy.  Okay so maybe laundry isn’t my thing, or vacuuming, or scrubbing toilets, but you know, I love every single person in my life, so rather than bitch about cleaning up after any one of them, I am going to take the time to be happy I have them in my life.

Hmm.  This is getting hard already.  Do I have 40 things I want changed?

11.  I want to read a book each week of the year.

12. I want professional pictures taken of my family twice each year.  The kids are growing too fast for just one.

13.  Celebrate my College Graduation like a BOSS.  Now I am too old mature to do anything crazy, but I would love a nice dinner with my kids where everyone is happy and no one is fighting, frowning, or frustrated.  I would love hugs from each as my gifts.

14.  Talk less.  Listen more.