Interactive Poetry…. (HELP!)

I have been wanting to post a piece where your opinion counts!  I have a short poem that I

a) need help naming


b) need help deciding which sounds better.

So you can message me your reply or feel free to comment below!!  Title options and then chose #1 or #2!!



Darkened shards gouge the open fields, no one cares. 
No one sees the Lavender sky.
No one has a friendly smile
No one looks you in the eye. 
Creaking and rubbing metal is everywhere.
I’m drowning in stranger’s voices
So lonely is the City Life
So lonely are the stranger noises.
City life inside a bubble, shadows cast
by buildings bodies.  Unseen tops 
are the new greenery while buses
and taxis-not people-make frequent stops. 
                 >> or <<
So lonely is the city life 
drowning in strangers
voices and strange noises.
Creaking and rubbing metal
everywhere. No one has a friendly 
smile. No one looks you in the
eye. No one points out the 
lavender sky and no one cares
that fields are gouged
by darkened shards.  



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