Just Once

                                                                                                                                                                          Original Work 11/7/2014 J.Lyn

Once upon a time in tales of yore
were stories of unmatched moral compass
They reached across from shore to shore
to set right various sorts of rumpus. 
They guided hearts and mended minds
they spoke to kids and wives and husbands.
They warned which words caused lasting binds
and traced traits that made slow time sands.
But then one dark and gloomy day
a man all dressed in night
decided scaring children away
just didn’t seem all that right.
He took the stories, shook them out
shedding what made fright or fear
He aimed for dry and safe all about
as he wanted every record clear.
And soon the children forgot the why
of not to play at night
And there came this woman not at all shy
dancing through moonlight
The colors were Oh! so very Oh!
and everyone craned to see
They followed one by one and so
that city began ceasing to be. 

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