Here’s to you

Original Work by J.Lyn 11/7/2014

Here’s to you
my funny friends who have
such entertaining posts & tweets.
I lol’d all over the fof or
is there no such thing?
Here’s to you 
my infinite pixeled photo opp
and the ability to share – so teets!
or tits? so totes. Adorbs. For real.
So a word can say a thousand 
words the way a photo can?
So for the year 2014
I devoted all my time to scrolling 
through feeds and clicking like to every
selfie, cool app, baby laughing, cat falling
every random poll that tells me who I am
But I cannot lie
I miss oh four when myspace
was barely there and still not here. 
When friending was done in person
and goose flesh resulted from
hearing laughter and tasting tears and it
Occurred each day for real.

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