Mid-semester Burn out

I should be revved for Halloween. I am not. I should be excited to begin planning family holidays! I am not. Even the exclamation point at the end of that sentence was just plain exhausting.

I want a vacation. I want sand between my toes and an endless bottle of wine. I also wouldn’t mind being 20 lbs lighter.

But it is fall semester where the impending weather looms overhead each day and the clock’s “tick” seems to echo through the poorly lit hallway that is the coming winter months.

And then, like the sound of jingle bells lifting all the children’s spirits and smiles, floats the wise words of the fantastic Taylor Swift, “shake it off, shake it off” and I seriously just want to get up and dance!

Life goes on and true wealth is in turning your minutes into golden droplets of personal enjoyment – through the physical expression of dance or by mentally diving into a fabulous book! When I pass on from this life I want there to be so many golden droplets of wealth pouring over all those I love that they have to recognize all the living that I got done and honor it by valuing their own gifted minutes!

And “bam!” I have refocused. Better yet reclaimed my time and my purpose! Here I come class and after that… Pumpkins beware: your disembowelment is inevitable!!!


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