July 22nd, 2014

Woke up not feeling quite right. Had some oatmeal hoping to feel better… still not quite right. Hoping in the next hour to get my workout on. Will let you know how the internal battle plays out.

11:29am  It took a bit to convince myself.  I walked over to the couch.  Looked longingly at the comfy spot I like to sit in to read.  Then one thought took root.  It isn’t a choice to workout – it is my new way of life.  It is my payment for waking up that day.  It is just what must be done.

I pushed play and got my mat and weights out while listening to Jillian’s intro.



(Please Lord, let this pay off.)

Surprisingly, I feel less shaky then when I woke.

**Bring intention to every action**




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