July 21st, 2014

So Friday the 18th I did Jillian Michael’s “Fat Burning Metabolism Boosting” workout again. I felt so much better afterwards. Saturday I had to work from 7:30am until 2 and then it was a mess so… no workout. Sunday – even though I was ridiculously sore and wanted nothing more than a day of rest – I did that workout again. *moment of pride* Today, no work so I pulled out JM’s 30 Day Shred. I completed level one only resting maybe two times – I couldn’t believe how hard I found some of the moves. Here is to a new lifestyle!!


2 thoughts on “July 21st, 2014

  1. More power to you. I know that I am doing Wii Fit Plus and doing it daily isn’t working out so well. I am proud that you are sticking to it. :

    1. No choice involved. Unfortunately not getting any younger and I know it will never be any easier. Now I just have to make it happen earlier in my day šŸ˜€ Here is to hoping I realize much earlier that I should just get it over with!!

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