March 12th, 2014: Teaching Hospitality

In the service industry one of the tools of success I consistently employed was something called Refo Sessions.  Twice a week – typically on Thursdays heading into a weekend and then on Mondays after a weekend and heading into the new week – the staff would “Refocus” by writing down a positive customer experience.

 This set my team up looking for the positives.  New employees quickly understood that “problem customers” were opportunities to show just how good we are at our job and that we didn’t spend our time talking negatively about our customers.  

 I really feel those going into the field of education would greatly benefit from this type of focus.  Once again my nerve is raw from little comments here and there about bad parents/bad parenting, etc.   Please keep in mind I know what I am in for and have already had a small taste of it.  

 But that is not every child and I doubt even the majority of what you will deal with as a teacher.  If we are going to keep bringing it up – let’s talk about how we can be more effective as educators in those situations!!  

 I need to find my own positive response to these situations

   – so that I don’t keep building on this tension

   – and to benefit those of whom really will be future educators!!


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