Fieldwork: Feb 25th, 2014 — I am the elephant in the room.

Today I am going to purge what is bothering me then I can end on a positive note.

 Like nails on a chalkboard, there is talk that keeps occurring in the college classroom, that I can barely stand. 

It is different students every time.  And what I find most disturbing is the mindless agreement by a majority of the students present when the statements are made.

 The statements are variations of the same sentiment.  

 Today it was put, “These days we are not just responsible for providing kids with an education, but we are responsible for raising them as well.” 

 Doesn’t anyone else hear the problem with this?  

I feel frustrated, angry and sad for these, our future educators.

If they are not even out of school yet and this is the negativity they are building towards their teammates, it is no wonder the burn-out rate of teachers is averaging only a few years in.

That’s right I said teammates.

Until this mentality of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ is eliminated I fear all involved are over-looking the point – the kids.

 I have learned so much already, but one thing I came in knowing is that considering the amount of time these children are in school I would be responsible for encouraging positive choices.  I would be responsible for creating a supportive environment and establishing productive procedures.  My favorite part – as a secondary education Teacher – I will be responsible to teach kids how to create these things in their lives 


The worst part, I feel like I shouldn’t talk about it further.  As if no one wants to hear more. As if I am a bother.  We are being told that our job is to teach children how to critically think and question, but I definitely feel a pressure to keep my mouth shut.  Pencils tapping, students sighing.  These are not discussion encouraging behaviors.


So while I mull around a constructive reply to this issue – the positive note:


I got a verbal medal today.  One of the Teachers I am assigned to talked with my Professor about a positive impression I am leaving with the student I am working with.


The other teacher that I am working with has started a LDG project with her students and has me getting a bit more involved than just observing which I…. love!  Her style of classroom management is completely fabulous!  I am trying to collect a few ingredients that she uses to accomplish this.  One is her level of energy and another is what I will call positive authority.  There are procedures in place from the moment the students cross the threshold.  There is a sense of purpose in every word and worksheet.


So that is where I will leave off for now.  Please if you have advice – share!

Thanks in advance!



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