Fieldwork: Feb 20th, 2014 — testing, testing….

Thursday, February 20th, 2014


Can I say today was an unusual day if it has only been 5 times that I have observed/assisted in the classrooms?


I will begin by saying I am feeling unorganized amid all the education classes.  I am never really certain that I have ALL of the assignments for ALL the classes written down somewhere I will find them.  I guess if I had to sum it up I would say with all the different teaching styles, the personal ones and the ones we are being shown as example, the confusion that remains is felt by all the Ed Students.  Of course, there is a debate about whether to say anything and the consensus is a strong, “no.”


Which of course goes against pretty much my entire way of life.


It is my dollar funding this education and I feel it is my responsibility to vocalize my issues.  It is my right to be provided with clear, concise expectations.


Last semester for example, every Professor provided a very clear, very complete syllabus.  IF an assignment was added on – it was repeated and it was made very clear what needed to be done and by when.

This semester, I feel like I am forgetting something at all times and I have determined that I have this feeling, because at any given point I am forgetting something.


I review the syllabi (?) / syllabuses (?)  – they are not really complete.  There are assignments not listed and in their place either only one assignment or a vague description of the concept we are to learn.


But I digress.  I will handle it.  Why?  Because I can.  Because I am flexible.  And because there is a small part of me that wonders if this is somehow a test of our resilience.


So back to it – the abnormal experience was being put with a student who had been ill so she needed a bit of help with an ELA assignment that she had missed.  So the two of us sat on the floor of the hallway and worked.  My heart sang the whole time!  I had sooooo much fun!  The student was clever and watching the questions I asked inspire good thought was A-mazing! Then I headed to my ELA Class and I stepped out of my comfort zone, yes on just the 5th day, and offered to pass back papers.


Now, that may seem trivial.


But it was not.


It was a test.  How well was I doing at remembering the students I was helping with?  I managed.  Where I struggled I referenced the seating chart.  I looked each child in the eye and tried to commit their face to their name if it wasn’t already.  They deserve that much from me – even if I am just an observer.


I don’t think in a years time I would get bored observing in this class.  I am fascinated by the organized chaos.  I enjoy reviewing the lesson plans and then seeing them in action.  I have so many questions for how they are designed and when!


I spoke with a highschool classmate whose Father was a Teacher and a Coach.  The Father explained that after school was his time to coach, to be a Dad, to be himself.  He would correct papers at 7am and he made sure that in that one hour he would be able to complete the corrections and be prepared for the day.  At this moment in time, I can marvel at that as a huge accomplishment and hope that one day I have that same sense of priority and pre-planning.


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