Foundation of Technology Literacy 2/19

Foundation of Technology Literacy

February 19th, 2014


No class today, but we have an online assignment that I found fab u lous!  It had to be completed using


What a great site!


In lieu of class, I thought I would take this opportunity to review some of my notes on terminology


NETS – National Educator’s Technology Standards

The box = window

title bar

Map -> route = PATH

Folder -> stores files or other folders      /  Folder Management Dialogue Box

System Tray – – >  icons by the clock on the toolbar

Webready – a method of naming files using


  • a – z
  • 0 – 9
  • _ (underscore)
  • no spaces
  • 18 characters or less


Brainstorming = Learning Web = Web = Flow Chart


Power cord



Headphones – Audio – 3.5 mm Mini-plug (line out)

Microphone port



Audio – describe plug in:  round, skinny, tiered, rings 1,2,3  > 3.5mm mini-plug


USB A – Flash drive

USB B – scanner/printer

USB mini – smaller – digital

USB macro – smart phones


gray cable USB A – female

USB extension cable male on one end /female on the other.


Wireless vs. Hard Wired


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