Fieldwork: Feb 13th, 2014 — small group/big group

Today in our lesson we discussed the Common Core.  I must be missing something.  I know the teachers in the area where I am from were not at all happy about it.  At that time, I remember thinking there must be something more to this that I am not hearing about, because I didn’t understand why teachers were so upset.

Now part of me understands the frustration of someone who doesn’t do the job, telling you, who does the job, how it should be done and what the end results should be.  This is every private sector job I have held.


But my understanding was that the Standards established a base-line, a minimum of what a student must be able to do/what they must know at certain stages of education.


Silly me.  I thought this had been established before I went to school!  I did not realize this was something left for a single school to decide.  Now, it’s not that I don’t trust my fellow man, but I don’t trust my fellow man THAT much!  The more heads, the harder to cover up stupid decisions/mistakes.


Well… NCLB… hmmmm.  I don’t know what to say about that one.


We also covered a chapter on seating arrangements vs. seating assignments.  As I assisted in the classrooms I tried to pay particular attention to how each of the rooms had established their seating.  Each was very different from the other, but both focused attention to the front of the room and the teacher.  Both were effective in promoting small group work without making conversation an anytime occurrence.


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