Foundation of Technology Literacy 2/12

Foundation of Technology Literacy

Margins 1” all aroundFor 20 minutes after every class journal thoughts, notes, questions…1.15 line spacing. 


February 12, 2014



Ethernet Port


FireWire Port


Google Ethernet Port

    I am completely convinced that computer professionals have created their own language.  Essentially, an ethernet port is an opening on a computer that an ethernet cable plugs into.  


    The simplest definition of an Ethernet cable is a cord that hard wires a network together (computer, router,switches).  There is a difference among switches, hubs and routers, but it seems as though the correct term is router.  Switches and hubs were what used to be used to accomplish the same functions as the router. 


FireWire Port


    To understand Firewire, I think you have to start at USB.  Most of us are familiar with USB ports.  We use them to connect our cameras, phones, printers, and other electronic devices to the computer or to each other.  USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.   This cable can also supply power to the connected devices. says 

Definition: FireWire is a high performance networking standard based on a serial bus architecture similar to USB. FireWire is also known as the IEEE 1394 standard, created in 1995.People typically use FireWire to network their digital video cameras with their computers using special cables. However, FireWire theoretically supports direct networking of any two computers / computer peripherals that support the standard.The original FireWire technology provided 400 Mbps of network bandwidth, but the newerFirewire 800 (IEEE 1394b) implementations offer 800 Mbps. As those speeds far exceed typical Ethernetor WiFi connections, FireWire is therefore also well-suited for fast computer-to-computer large file transfers on home networks. Both Windows XP and Apple Mac OS support FireWire fire transfers overInternet Protocol (IP).Also Known As: IEEE 1394

I also found this really interesting article on 10 differences from Mac to PC:



while some of the terminology in the article remind me of how much I have to learn… the subheadings make the article gold.  




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