Fieldwork: Feb 11th, 2014 — Dove Chocolate and Respect

Reflection:  I should have celebrated the first day.  I will remember to have a special, small celebration after my first day actually teaching.  I will do this directly after a small reflection process of what I need to work on and what I need to do better on next time.  

Why?  Because I think after reviewing what could be seen as the negative, I want to remember to celebrate my accomplishments.  

*Note to self: stock up on Dove Chocolate, I will have deserved it!*

So, a reflection of the second day in the field.  I felt like I walked into my class assignments with Margaret Metzger at my side.  I kept looking around to note the signs of pre-organization.  I really looked at the teachers I am working with.  They both seems positive and well-rested.  This to me speaks well of the balance they have found in their chosen careers.

I look at the students.  Do they know how important each class is?  Is there an understanding of the importance of education?  Do they realize that they are learning how to learn?

Perhaps the sentence that echoed the most for me was, “You have to keep pushing students out of passivity and into thoughtful responses to assignments”Metzger, pg 10.

A few of the things I keep hearing, I find disturbing.

The repeated blame on the students with this air of why force them to be there?  Let them leave if they don’t want to learn.

This angers me and I am struggling to articulate a proper response.

Those students who behave as though school doesn’t matter – are the ones we are there for.  If every students understood the significance of learning, was responsible to attend class and do the work without individual attention web-based learning would suffice and we would all be out of a job.

Do I look forward to the challenging students?  Well…

To me – it is EXACTLY like swimming. You will be okay as long as you remember to have respect for the power it holds.

These kids are not supposed to have all the answers.  They are supposed to make mistakes.  School is the learning ground for life.  To me it should be the safe zone:  here it is okay to make a mistake as long as you learn from it and do not repeat it.  This is the trial run for real life.  Not that your success here dictates what happens out there, but it gives you an understanding of what happens next.  It should give you the tools to build your idea of a good life once you are out.


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