Fieldwork: Feb 6, 2014 — Fate, Fear and Future



As if I were the Captain of the Enterprise and the fate of humankind rests on my shoulders alone.


Strike that.  I realize that I am not in this alone.  I am too old to believe that one person accomplishes anything by themselves.  Someone taught you to walk and talk, to read.


In the case of Education, it is truly “It takes a village…” to create an Educator.


I must also confess that I am not your average, everyday, ordinary college student.  I am thirty…. something.  I am very happily married (shocking, I know).  A mother to three of the most beautiful, challenging children I will ever have the pleasure of raising and calling my own.


So nerves, yes nerves! Even with the village behind me, even being an abnormal student, even being a Mom!


I headed into the Middle School with my subconscious whispering, “No fear… they will smell it a mile away.”


In the GR class, the Teacher greets us each by name and is prepared with an “Expectations” Sheet.  I am assigned to work 1×1 with a young man, who could invent the next Google, but needs to learn the importance of completing an assignment.  Although I can practically see the waves of energy and impatience vibrating from him, he sits and completes his assignments with only tinges of procrastination. Everything at this point is pretty much as I had expected.  I was impressed with the environment that the teacher had created and her preparation was obvious.


As I pass through the doorway of the ELA Class I have been assigned to, I catch a glimpse of “Rules” posted on the door.  The order in this classroom is apparent from the first.  The teacher is within a few feet of the door greeting me right along side each student.  She is emphasizing the routine already in place – bellwork.  Her students file in and get out the worksheet immediately.  There is little chatting or distraction.  I am provided a seating chart, a copy of all material for the students for the next few classes and the a copy of the lesson plan.   I decide in that moment I want to be her when I grow up.


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