I Do Believe I Deserve a Cookie

From the early part of January, 2014:

Believe it or not,

there are moments when you are flying

that the fact that you are in a plane tens of thousands of feet above land with absolutely no control

isn’t the only thing you are thinking of.

There are moments that make it


worth it.  Here are some of those moments:


Lift off happened early in the morning, but not quite early enough to catch the sunrise like I had hoped!  Still one of my favorite pictures!

IMG_2881 IMG_2885

The cloud cover tried really hard to hide the mountains from me…. but I was determined!!


At this point in the flight the turbulence was sooooo bad, I kept revolving between two thoughts, the first:

               “OMG.  If this plane goes down – it will be

ALL          MY          FAULT.

I’m the one who just HAD to see the effin’ mountains!”


                 “Next time – my carry on is going to consist of a parachute.”

IMG_2900 IMG_2912

Okay, so when I walk into a used bookstore, awe – who am I kidding – when I see a used bookstore I get really excited. I bet that’s what happens to a geologist when they fly and look down to see tributaries and… stuff.

To me – it provided a beautiful distraction from the whole “no control” thing!

IMG_2927 IMG_2933 IMG_2935

Needless to say I was very happy to be home!

I was so happy in fact that I decided I needed to bake:


Then the storms hit – first snow:


Then the effin’ cold.

I am pretty certain at one point I felt the road shiver.


It all kind of made me want to move.

But then again it would be sooooo costly to move all those I love to Hawaii.

Until next time,



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