Seattle, WA Day 4: A little here, a little there…


Today, I give you a larger collage of pictures as we were a little bit all over.  We  had omelettes for breakfast and stopped at a cute coffee house for energy.  We met a friend at a place called BitterRoot BBQ (the pulled pork sandwich is sooooooo good!) in the Ballard Area.  Then we scoped out the Ballard Farmer’s Market.  Cheese, Wine, Organic food… need I say more?  So much fun!  After we did a quick stop at The Cherry Street Coffee House on First and then headed out to IKEA.

Now I know that is probably not a typical tourist destination but the views along the way were exceptional! During the drive I was reminded of the movie, “The Lorax.”  The wispy Whoville trees are shown above and behind them… factory smoke stacks and rail road lines.

On the way back into the city we were caught off guard by a living scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s, “Birds”.  The photo above shows the 1/3 of the tree top consumed by hundreds of birds.  As I took this shot, we noticed it was every tree… Ahhhhhh!!

Obviously we made it back unscathed.

We headed out to dinner next.  Fiasco turned brilliance… that I will discuss at a later time!  Gotta run!


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