9 Random Things to make you Smile

So is my breed becoming extinct??  Am I one of the few that >really< enjoys the fabulousness that is these ridiculous posts on facebook:   “9 random things about me”   – perhaps I just have extremely funny friends and family, but when I come across these it is an invitation to the funny competition that you could not possible indulge in as fanatically if it were face to face!  I certainly look relatively insane as I walk around looking at my phone holding my stomach and covering my mouth while praying that I don’t snort too loudly! (For those of you keeping track – I do not have 3 arms, I’m just a Mom.)  Alas, I wish more people put their intellect to the test and develop their own list!!

So anyway, here is my current list.  Please take the challenge to your page and share a smile today!!
1. This is really an impromptu method of procrastination so I have an excuse not to work on my homework.

2. I don’t drink much, unless you consider Cavit’s Moscato, then I don’t drink much until the bottle is uncorked.

3. Everyone “knows” I don’t like cooking, but the truth is I just don’t like the hum drum every day deciding what to make. Give me the time to play and endless ingredients and my little heart swells with contentment. 

4. I am the epitome of Grace – NOT! I don’t mind it though, as I see it as comic relief. I just wish I hadn’t passed it on to my sweet, little mini me…

5. I save all my humor for 20 minutes after it is needed. It allows me to laugh at the situation for a much longer period of time than others.

6. I really dig genealogy… and puns.

7. I operate my very own blog, little known fact. Littler known fact, one of my posts was promoted by WIXX.

8. God. I love my family. In that order. I am so extremely blessed.  My heart is so full with gratitude, appreciation and love for those around me.

9. Best for last, eh? Hmmm…
I collect The Day Spa De Pere Gift cards the way some collect crystal or baseball cards. Why? You ask… Because some day I am going to take a whole week and NEVER leave there. I am going to get every service. And when I am done they will have to sop up the puddle of comfortable that I become and call my husband to pick up the remains. *sigh, I can’t wait!


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