The Very Lost Art of Communication

As I sit here, I realize I am procrastinating.  I should be writing a paper, answering a Professor’s daily question or studying for an exam.  Why am I not doing any of those things then you ask?  Well.  I was interrupted by a friend stopping in.  Someone I haven’t had much of a chance to talk with since the start of school.  And now that I am faced with the remnants of the words spoken, I find myself thinking about all of the conversations I have had recently.

Most of them consist of want.

I find myself replaying them one after another.

They wanted confirmation on their belief(s).

They wanted support on a theory.

Where is the give and take?  Where is the response to the question.

I have been focused on working on my listening skills for, I would say, at least the past year.  (I save my words for my blog, lol)  But does anyone else?  Do people realize especially after asking a question that you should pause and pay attention to the response?

So I watch for this in my daily life – –

most of my college professors are exceptionally good at listening.  There is one – who actually rolls her eyes after students answer which makes me cringe – nice teacher, very confidence inspiring.  And do you really wonder why students hesitate to answer you?

I have seen it countless times in the stores…  husband and wife, wife and husband, mother and child, and even friends.  Someone is walking and talking and the other is looking around and nodding.  Do they have any idea what they are agreeing to?

I think I want to redo my house and create a parlor.  A place just for actual communication.



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