The Biggest Loser 5K in Racine, Wisconsin


The morning started out a little scary looking as I was driving through Milwaukee, Wisconsin to get to the Race.  The irony of driving to a run was not lost on me.  😀


But I still very much enjoyed the architecture and views of the city!

The Q&A by former contestants was so much fun!  They look fabulous and healthy and they were so fun to chat with and listen to!!


Racine was very beautiful, if a tad bit cold in September!  (Note to self:  Please remember how much you dislike the cold next time you want to do an outdoor event.  July is about the only month you’ve got to work with in this area!! lol)


The adrenaline is fantastic, which makes stretching all that much more important!!


It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day, but most importantly – I finished!  It wasn’t a record time, but I crossed that line and couldn’t be prouder!


I am very glad I began this journey doing a Color Run.  They are much more inspiring, accomplishment oriented, rather than competition oriented.  But I got my medal and can look to my next goals!!  What are your goals?




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