Lost In Reverie


Lost in Reverie      ~J.Lyn          ~10/9/2013


Quite unintentionally, I have determined where I live

Did I always thought it was here and now, I did.

and so I disposed myself to the reason hid

for life at all in this life someone did give.


I searched the lines of shelves of books

dug deep in hidden passages and nooks.

I looked to the stars, thru the prophets, heard jokers.

The while long I shied away from badness and blokers.


I worked hard and harder still as any good person does at will

I fought my demons. fought tired. fought ill.

and still I fought when others did not.

I saw them, they know, when their sins they bought.


And there I was, here I am, still wondering

and every little thing wraps into one pondering.

While I gaze upon the fabled words in Hollow asleep

I found my place in reverie as Irving did keep.




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