To my children…

I have to say this:

To my Sweetest Treasures of all time,

You each have my heart with you always.  You each make me so proud every day.  Someday, when you look your own child in the eye you will understand that even in the moments where I must correct your behavior or your attitude or your grammar, I couldn’t be more proud of you!  I love each of you with everything in me.  My only wish is that I am here to be with you in your journey as long as possible, but if I am not physically present, know (and I mean KNOW) that nothing, NOTHING will keep my spirit from checking in with all three of you always and forever.

Be confident in who you are because you are absolutely amazing!

Your smiles provide me with such a deep sense of happiness and desire to be better for you.  To be more for you.

Through all the years, I know that I have made many mistakes and I know I will make many more.  But know that in every day I tried as hard as I could to show you how much you mean to me – all three of you – how much I love each of you – how much you give purpose to each breath I take, how you fill my heart with everlasting gratitude to God, how you fill my eyes with the invisible Mom tears of pride.

Above all – know that every moment whatever you do as long as you smile – I am proud of you!  Smile and laughter is fuel to life.

You each are part of me and I am forever a part of you.  I love you to the Moon, the Stars, The Sun and Back (and so much more than you love me- but keep trying forever).

hugs and kisses,

❤ Mama




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