To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate

So I recently registered my child for Middle School.  During this registration for public school I was asked if my child was up to date on shots.  When I looked confused with no immediate reply.. the lady pointed me in the direction of another booth.

Our County’s Public Health Department had a booth staffed.

They gave me the following and told me to bring my child in and “the shot is free.”  Because you know – that’s the deal breaker. (insert major sarcasm here.)

Here is the info given.

SAMSUNG         Side 1 of the Vaccine Information Statement  (I really hope you can see this).


SAMSUNG   Side 2 of the Vaccine Information Statement

SAMSUNG  a close up of the “Mild Problems following Tdap.”

Ummmmm…. since when does Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea not interfere with activities???     And people wonder why I question this sh!t??




and then as if I am not scared and skeptical enough I get this:





This cute little piece of white paper with my child’s name on the top (yeah – where the mouse is placed) is created to make me believe that I do not have any other option.



No one discussed a different option with me.  They pushed me along after telling me to bring my kids down to the Health Dept before I could utter a word.    There was no one asking, “do you have any questions I can answer for you?”    If this is sooooooo blasted safe for my kids – why WHY are you so afraid to talk to me about it???


So today I came across this:

and I completely, utterly agree, but in all fairness I do not know this man.  So a quick google search lands me here:

and here:

and many other articles.  So far I like what I am reading.


But to arrive back on point, I now have to make a special trip to the school to find out how NOT to have my child vaccinated.

And I need to continue my investigation for a pediatrician who doesn’t force feed vaccinations without even providing real answers to my questions.

The last time I approached a Pediatrician about my concerns over vaccines, she said (rather vehemently), “If you are ready for the blame when one of your kids DIES, sure, don’t get them vaccines.”

Needless to say, we immediately gathered our things and left.

The worst part?  I don’t know that I am solidly convinced vaccines are altogether bad.  I just want some answers before someone puts unknown, invisible THINGS INSIDE my children!!!


Please don’t lecture… but insights and information are welcome!  First jump in with your opinion here :



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