A Blog unlike any other and posting woes…

So I know I don’t blog the way that some people blog.

I am simply not in it for the money.  I am not here to get a certain number of clicks.

I am simply here, pulling up a chair, starting a conversation in the hopes that others will join in.

It is not a particular subject matter I discuss

rather the only way to qualify it is by saying,

“Let’s talk Life, people!”


It is here and there and everywhere

It’s where you want or need or care

to be.


I pour my thoughts out slow sometimes

but others flow like a rapids to a waterfall.


Like any good host, I try to be a little bit of everywhere

present for a little bit of everyone.

Some posts are just saying, “I’m still here.”

While others I can barely finish before the words in image form are flashing across my vision like a literary cinematic adventure

and my fingers rage against the keyboard while I try to  keep up.

And here I am to say

that it seems to me that the very best of the letters that form into words that translate my thoughts

occur during the times when no one is looking

so they only receive one hit if any at all.

But I still watch the stats waiting for the best of my post to catch like a furious flame across a dry forest.

and nothing.

But I am here and doing what I love.

I am here waiting for you to discuss

I am here


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