Monday, August 19th, 2013 *Ah Ha!!!!

So did my measurements today and I am down 4.2lbs and I have lost 4 inches!!!


No Program. No pill.  No shake.  No meal plan.  No signing away of the firstborn to pay a monthly fee for some magical remedy.


Just two simple things to focus on:


TRY to eat GOOD FOOD OFTEN throughout the day

  • *I try to drink only water  – – I do have a cup of coffee or two in the morning, but I use organic honey (this should look like paste not melted gold) and not sugar!!  Now – I know you are like *gah! no sugar?  can’t do it!* BUT you CAN!!!
  • *I am trying to stick to snacking on only things I could get from an orchard or garden – and snack often during the day.


* walk, literally get outside and walk – if only for 20 minutes – every day.  Now usually about 4-5 times a week I am doing  about 3 miles.  This takes about 45 minutes.  I am going to try to up this this week to walking for an hour doing the *Core Walking* I wrote about here –

Saturday, August 17th, 2013 *Core Walking.

and I want to do it 5 times this week.  PLUS add in JM’s 30 day shred this week as many times as I can get in!!!


7/22/2013 8/19/2013
183 178.8 -4.2
43.25 42.5 -0.75
43.5 42.5 -1
39.5 39.25 -0.25
12 12 0
12 12 0
25 24 -1
25 24 -1

All this with my focus being eating better and just moving!!  Love it!

Excited to get back into routine with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred to see how much I can accomplish with a work out added in!!   However,

My Focus will still be =

eat Good Food Often throughout the day and Keep Moving!!!  

I will report back at the end of the week for sure (if not sooner!!!)








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