Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Feeling Stressed?  Work have you overloaded?  Feeling like your house work or work is a never-ending?

I can not gush enough about how I feel The Color Run completely dissipated my stress!!!   Every person should do this once a year!

Do a Color Run, Lose your Stress!!
Do a Color Run, Lose your Stress!!

They gave away a ton of stuff during the race and after!

1079308_10201705261932454_401450681_n 1079398_10201705212051207_927381574_n

The stage set up prior to the big finale celebration and the walk to the event location


Next time – we definitely want to get there early *EARLY* to be some of the first to go!  We ended up being in the very last group to go…

1082637_10201705885468042_1616787779_n 1097412_10201705478497868_685570452_n 1167910_10201705299573395_1729182674_n

Nothing is weird here.  No one is too big or too small to run.  No one is dressed too crazy or not crazy enough.  There was a guy who painted himself white who we could not find at the end of the race – but I bet it was a fun sight to see!!  The bride I looked for as well and couldn’t see.  There were lots of fun socks, wigs and tutus!!

As I type this I am planning to do another and it occurs to me that I would love to do this with…. EVERYONE I know!  It was so much fun!!

After finally getting home from the long drive, I grabbed the hubby and dragged him out for another walk.  I had to stretch my legs after being crammed in the car.  We made a fabulous decision… to drop cable.  We need internet, but we both know that the distraction that is tv we could do without!

Have you made any decisions recently to try to tame your life??  What worked / or didn’t?



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