To Every Mom : STOP and read this!!!

Take the five or so minutes needed to read this post by fellow blogger Kevin Ashton:




Ready?   Apply much of what you just read to yourself!!!   As I was reading this, I kept saying, “Yes! Yes!  I need to remember this stuff when asked to help with the parent-teacher group and each classroom for all of my kids and the cubscouts and girl scouts and the coaches who need help and the bake sales and the school fundraisers and the… and the… and the….   BAHHHHHH!!!!

I will practice saying no.  I may not be Picasso or Michaelangelo, but I am a MOM.  and  I am an adult.  I do not have to explain my No’s.  I can even add a “thank you” at the end and still be polite about it.

Why do we feel that we can’t say no??


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