An inch, A mile. Your Right or Mine? Is compromise even a word anymore?

So I am a little peeved right now and I am headed into a rant…  I beg your pardon as I am writing this NOT to offend anyone, but to hopefully make everyone THINK a bit.


A Preface for Thought:

Should something be considered your right if in and of itself your right takes a choice from others?

Think about this.

No… truly think about it.

Before you keep reading jot down your answer to it.


I am going to tell you the topic.

Are you really ready?



Okay, okay – I know.  Heated topic, everyone is pretty set in where they stand.  But let’s eliminate parts that I think everyone can agree on.

We are not discussing a woman’s right to breastfeed.  Every woman deserves the right to chose to feed their child in the way God (or whoever you believe in) intended.   So – – breathe.


Here is the article that lit the embers…

I repeat:  I agree that every woman has the right to chose to breastfeed.   I think it is beautiful.  It should be celebrated.  So is sexual intercourse.  That doesn’t mean either should be done in front of a class of children.

Is anyone else not seeing the mile being taken when the inch that was proper was given??

We discourage nudity still right?  I mean if I walked out my front door topless and down the sidewalk, besides a few screeching brakes I am certain I would hear sirens.  I am certain I would be ticketed and if I refused to cover up – I would be covered involuntarily and hauled off to jail and more tickets would be applied.

The judge in my trial would tell me that in my home I have the right to be topless if I so chose, but in public – not.

– – –

I am a Mother to three children.  Feeding time was special.  I chose not to breastfeed.  I was a young Mom and I would have chosen differently if I knew then what I know now.  BUT I would still feed in the privacy of my home.  When out and about – if it had to be done – I would RESPECT others and cover up.  Why?  Because my right to feed my child does NOT HAVE TO infringe on other’s rights who may feel that nudity in any form does not have a place in public.

I am one of THOSE prudes, I guess.

I Thank the Lord that certain magazines have to have a black cover.  It doesn’t mean I think that we should take away the magazine or persecute the women who chose to be photographed as such.  It just means I want to bring my children up that their bodies are special NOT to be shared with everyone, NOT to be viewed by just anyone…. WHY do you feel that you have the RIGHT to take that CHOICE from me on how to raise my children?  What I think they should see when they are in public??  WHAT makes YOUR Right so much more important then MY right?  Then my children’s rights?  To impact the lives of countless children?  I know you think you are taking a stand to show other future women their rights… but is it right?  Are you sure?  Or are you influencing CHILDREN who lack the knowledge and experience to make a responsible choice about their actions?  influencing children who don’t understand the difference between you whipping your tit out in public to feed a child and a woman whipping her tit out for attention of the not-so-pure kind.  After all a boob is a boob.

To Lucy Eades and her husband – I think you are selfish.  No one was prohibiting you from feeding your child – they just wanted to allow all of their guests comfort, but I guess you deserve more than the rest of us, huh?

Kudos to Burleson Recreation Center.  They tried extremely hard to be politically correct and carry out respect for ALL of their patrons.

Of course we all want to stand for something… but does that mean we stand for anything???  

Feed your child any way you see fit.  No one is telling you – you can’t.  But where you breast feed is another story… whip that thing out anywhere in your house – I am certain your guests will find ways to deal or get used to it or stop coming or applaud you.  But in public – you are crossing a line to other’s rights.

One slogan I’ve read is “It’s a boob, get over it.”  Well, I am certain there are plenty of men out there that say/have said, “It’s a dick, get over it.”  Yet it is still illegal for them to be slinging it out for ANY reason.

Forcing your views on others should NOT have an exception list.  It just shouldn’t be done.  ,

End Rant.

As usual – feel free to express your opinions. Learning and Growing is a fabulous thing – just be sure you are as open to what I and other are saying as you expect us to be to your words.


2 thoughts on “An inch, A mile. Your Right or Mine? Is compromise even a word anymore?

  1. I understand your point and the fact that many people are uncomfortable with public breast feeding. However this is largely due to society and what is viewed as the norm. Breastfeeding is very natural and I personally believe that the more people who feed in public; the more normalized it will become. Ireland has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates and to have any hope of increasing awareness and mothers nursing, the taboo and fear has to be removed from it. I breastfed everywhere; trains, buses, park benches… you name it. However I never undressed and completely exposed myself and to be honest I don’t know any Mum who does. Your baby actually covers the majority of your breast anyway so it’s certainly not like a man getting his dick out or a woman flashing for attention. Why should a breast feeding mom be forced to stay at home in order to feed her baby because some people are uncomfortable? Moms should be able to feed side by side when out and about:formula and breast without condemnation. It’s a baby! Surely if breast feeders should stay home, then bottle feeders should? Just look away if you want, Nobody is forcing a boob in your face. And to be honest when the sun comes out or on a Saturday night, you’ll see a lot more flesh. Just out of curiosity is it the fear that you might catch sight of a nipple or is it actually the act that seems wrong to you? The reason i ask is i have seen people jump away at the mere sight of a baby under the end of a jumper or top. Incidentally covered breastfeeding is extremely difficult, as baby can sense mommy is uncomfortable; of course that and the lack of air. So if you don’t like it, why not put a blanket over your head. Baby has as much right to be here and eat as you do!

    1. Did you actually read my article?
      I don’t slam anyone for making the decision to breast feed as I am very clear that I support it. My question remains after thoughtfully reading your post: Why must nudity magazines put a black cover on the page? Why is is different to show a breast while feeding your child and showing a breast to celebrate the beauty of the female body? Because others shouldn’t be forced to view the world the way you do. That is where my issue lies.

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