Tuesday, Aug 6th, 2013 **Fit Stat Update**

Walgreen’s Steps :  3.17 mi (6,340 steps)
Anytime Fitness  0
Other WO:  0
My fitness pal ~ calories logged :  x
Logged all of above in my Blog!!  x


And here is an update on my fitness stats!

Weight 179.2  -3.8
Waist  42.25  -1.0
Hips  43.25  -.25
Chest  39  -.50
Right Arm  12  0
Left Arm  12  0
Right Thigh  23  -2.0
Left Thigh  24  -1.0
Body Fat %

I have done Jillian’s 30 day shred 6 times in the last 14 days.

12 days of walking leaves me at a total of 34.42 miles.

diet:  I have been trying to drink 1 liter of water before I have anything else in the morning (this is suppose to aid in digestion and hydration).  I have also cut sugar out of my coffee by subbing in honey. I limit myself to two cups of coffee all day.  1 glass of milk (I know this should be more).  Then all water.   I have also really been trying to eat breakfast.   I am not always successful, but I am getting better about it.  Still tracking in my fitness plan for calorie intake.


This has resulted in a loss of 4.75″ and I am down 3.8 lbs!!!

So my goals for the next two weeks are:

  • to walk 10 days of the 14 for a total of 31.7 miles
  • to complete 12/14 days of JM’s 30 day shred.

I will complete a fit stats sheet in two weeks again * See you then!





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