Friday (tgif!!!), July 26th, 2013

Good morning all (or Good afternoon),

I feel so great this morning!  I was up at quarter to 8 and had Jillian yelling at me by 8am!  “If 400lb people can do jumping jacks, so can you!”

Love it!  Can not wait to report my measurements and weight… but I will!

my workout sheet …

Walgreen’s Steps :  3.17 mi (6,340 steps)
Anytime Fitness
Other WO:  JM 30DS L1   (day 4)
My fitness pal ~ calories logged : 335 left/3 meals/2snacks
Logged all of above in my Blog!!  >working on it!<

A note:  I completely remember why I love Jillian:  she doesn’t just do a move and expect you to mimic it.  She walks you through how to properly do the move – step by step.  So much less prone to injury when you work with a trainer who actually takes the time to “train” you!!!   Keep moving!  Get Fit!




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