What you need to read if you really want to self publish…

So you want to publish.

I have already boasted about smashwords, but here is some material I think anyone truly interested in self publishing should want to read. Don’t think I am being altruistic… I want a place I can reference this material!  But if you are doing the searching and came across my blog, you are smart enough to read the following!!





Search “self-publishing” right here on Word press!! (see some of the links below!!)  There are some fabulous people sharing their experiences and advice on the topic right here in this world!  Take the time to  click around and read the different offerings!!


This article is the one I spent the most time looking at and would highly recommend you do the same!!


<< I will continually add to this list as I find more noteworthy info and please feel free to add comments with links or article suggestions! >>

The point, my friends, is that like anything worth doing, you want to take the time to self publish well.  Not just self publish.  Read, Research and then research some more!!   Don’t (DON’T) sign with just anyone because you get to sign or you may find you just signed away your rights to your book, your characters and/or your profit!!!   

Stay smart and safe friends!



3 thoughts on “What you need to read if you really want to self publish…

  1. One thing that’s worth considering is why do you want to publish? There are lots of different reasons to publish, and self-publishing is better for some of them while traditional publishing is better for others.

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