Tuesday. July 16th, 2013

I’m here!  I’m here!

Had a day today.  *phew*

Got oldest off to camp.  Got the others dressed, fed and ready for the day.  Cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher.  Watered the plants. Fed the dogs.  Made lunch. Had a visit from a friend and a playdate. Dinner, then (with my kids, because I like to torture them) we cleaned their room and the toy room(oh, woe is the child who must clean up their own toys).

Did you see workout… yeah, not me either.  Run?  nope.

No workout.  No walk/run.  Self-declared DAY OFF.

Tracked my calories like a good girl though and ………….

Goal Food Exercise = Net
1,480 1,418 – 0    1418

I think I did pretty well!  I will commend myself on the timing of my meals 😉

Now tomorrow – it will be my self-declared day to kick my own a$$.  Teaming up Jillian Michaels – the lady I love to hate – and the 30 day Shred!!!!    See you then!

Smile and kick a little….



p.s. I am taking the time to re-read my own “Rant” posts, because they make me laugh.  And who doesn’t like a good laugh before going to sleep!



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