16 Reasons NOT to have Sex Daily….


16 Not reasons

(article has photo credit – but I couldn’t find any actual credit given just a broken link that states “image credit”)

Any other person fed up with these types of articles?????

Look, I have nothing against sex.

I don’t even have anything against daily sex

except that it is completely, and I beg your pardon, COMPLETELY unrealistic for most lifestyles.

It is this type of article that gets husbands all… wound up = feeling unloved, feeling as though that grass over “there” gets watered more often.  It makes them feel as if they are missing out on something most other guys have.    Allow me to clarify – this is not a reality!!  I am certain I can find an article that reads “16 reasons to jump off a cliff” does that mean you should??   Does that mean that within the realm of our daily lives, working, studying, taking care of children/parents/friends/family/ourselves, more working, trying to find some hobby or relaxation in the hectic-ness that is our busy dang  lives – that I make time each and every day in the midst of making time to deal with all the other crisis that I must make time to deal with this as well!!!   BAH!!!

And show me please!  show me one individual who has sex daily!  (Even porn stars take a day off here and there.) But I will qualify this: same partner year after year (consistency) with a family to take care of (higher priorities) and not independently wealthy (needing to work for a living).

So here are my 16 reasons Not to have sex daily in response to those provided:

1.  De-stress:  imagine all the stress you place on yourself at the end of each and every day, after everything you have accomplished  to make sure your partner is pleased……. gone!  And you just do it when you both have the energy and time!  Go ahead take a minute and imagine it…… *sigh*

2.  Chasing your kids, running to avoid being late for work and then of course the exercise you do to stay in shape are all a great form of exercise.  Be satisfied with yourself and don’t place any more pressure on yourself to do more.

3.  Lowering high blood pressure is done through diet and exercise – both of which you do – so don’t add to this worry list!

4.  – 15.  Making Love should be for the mutual pleasure of both parties when there is a good amount of time and both parties have plenty of energy and the firm (no pun intended, but there it is) desire to express love through these specific actions. No guilt, no pressure, no friggin article telling you that what is currently happening in your life is not good enough.  You decide this based on your lifestyles and what you have going on.

16.  The 16th reason Not to have sex daily is the biggest non-kept secret of married sex success and happiness:  The Anticipation of finally being able to do it!!!   If you are doing it all the time, yes, yes, there are all those other things you can do to spice it up but after a while – well, bread is still bread – no matter how you slice it or dress it up.  But, oh… NOTHING beats, ahem, beats that excitement of finally looking into your spouse’s eyes knowing it is about to happen and you have the energy for it and the time is readily available and exactly right.  It’s better than virgin anticipation because you both know what to do and how to do it (and how to do it again even better) and then you can sigh and be happy the both of you together.

It is absolutely atrocious that articles like this even market themselves as “show this to your partner” to “change their mind”.  Having sex / making love shouldn’t be a damn debate to win!!!  And it is incredulous that it is written anywhere to work on changing someone’s mind.  How about we post as many articles on accepting other’s decisions?

Why do we seem to be treading water when it comes to equality with women?  Because we can’t even just say “not tonight honey” without guilt, reprimands and reams of articles in argument of how WE are feeling or what we are feeling or not feeling or what we should be doing or feeling!!!!

Think about it guys : when you are tired (we won’t say it out loud – you know – that you are too tired for sex) but you are (and that is okay!!)… you don’t have to say “Not tonight honey”, you just say good-night and I love you and you roll over and sleep.  Next time your wife says goodnight – respect her and allow her the same courtesy she allows you.  You may even find the next time you wiggle your eyebrows at the fact the house is empty she is more than game to race you to the bedroom!



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