Middle School Cramps…

So my oldest child is heading into Middle School this year and I have Middle School Cramps.  She has, for the first time, spent a week away from home visiting family.  This week she is off to Middle School Band Camp.


Is it wrong of me to want to throw my hands around her and scream, “BUT it’s SUMMER!!!   It’s MY time with MY kids!!!”

I understand that it is important for my child socially to get out and explore.  It’s band camp and she is so talented that of course it only makes sense to her future to attend… but I only have a few more years until she is 18 and moving off into this huge world and all I really want to do is spend time with her!

This is why I need to spend time scrapbooking.  (Some Moms out there are nodding in agreement – for those of you left out of the loop – let me fill you in…)

Scrapbooking is my Momma Therapy.  I have books for each child that is individualized to them and includes pictures of their friends and siblings.  I have annual books for me to keep.  I haven’t scrapbooked in a few years and need to get back to it!!

Creative Memories here I come!! lol.  I do so love their products and all of the albums that I made ten+ years ago look like they were made yesterday.

No – I am not a consultant (anymore…lol).  But I am a very appreciative Mom who feels that scrapbooking allows a parent to celebrate  & cherish moments.  It gives us the time to put those moments in their place in the past as part of what made our beautiful children who they are and who they become!

So thank you to this fabulous company!!   Now – regardless of our busy lifestyle, it’s time to make a little time!


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