Saturday. July 13th, 2013

So, no real workout today… yet.  Hoping to sneak in some walking time yet tonight.  Today was Jam Day in our household.  30+
Jars of home-made Strawberry Jam.

This year we tried a little something new with just one batch and I will definitely post how it turned out!

who deserves the credit for the following picture and the awesome Natural Recipe!!!  *Thank you!*

Natural Jam

Easy to follow – but I was left with many questions.  In one of the comments she stated a ten day shelf life and I believe this is if you just keep it in the fridge.  I do wonder shelf life if you put it in the freezer.  But I guess we’ll see how it sets and how it tastes and go from there!

Then of course the majority of the Jam was done with the Family Recipe and I ❤ it!

Looking to start Jillian’s 30 Day of Shred on Monday!!!  But before I do will update my measurements!



*Snuck in a 2 mile walk tonight *


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