Thursday. July 11th, 2013

Hey all,

It’s been a fairly crazy day… quite literally the last 24hrs have been entirely too…. crazy.

I took some time to read my past posts.

Then I re-read them.

I am very dedicated to my overall FIT ness, but I found myself shaking my head.  I don’t want to sound half-crazed.  I DO want to be focused on losing the 30 or so pounds that I definitely have to lose.  But I DON”T want to become weight obsessed.  I decided to return Shakeology and focus on actually eating right.  I am going to work with the fitness DVDs I already have (including my girl Jillian’s 30 Day Shred).  I am going to keep jogging until I can handle the entire 5K I am scheduled to do in a month.  And I am going to keep you posted daily on here.  Now – I may regret stopping the Shakeology… I do SO LOVE how my hair and nails and body felt.  and I may even order it again (pending all my money is returned as promised by the company-I’ll keep up with you on that as well.)

But for now I really feel I need to prioritized this differently.

So Here is my daily update!!

Get Fit Routine!!
Vitamin (Cg)  check
Shakeology  0
Insanity!!!  0
Walgreen’s Steps :  3.16 miles!!
Anytime Fitness  20m abs
My fitness pal ~ calories logged :  so far, so good!
Vitamin (Cc)
Logged all of above in my Blog!!  Here I am…

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