Beware the shooting sharks ~ they’ll leave you rant-less!

I was entirely ready to Rant (yes, I mean business with my capital r!)

I settled down with my laptop comfortably (yes- you guessed it) in my lap on my sofa.

Prepared with my water within reach on a coaster.

and took a deep breath….

*insert serious snorting laughter here*

I look over to the television to see what my husband has deemed laugh-worthy (there isn’t much on tv that qualifies) and I can not help myself!  I actually laughed so hard within the first 15 seconds of my glance that, in fear of dropping my laptop, I had to put it on the coffee table so that I could safely double over in giggles!  Somehow or another we found ourselves unable to change the station from the SyFy channel and a movie starring Tara Reid and that Ian guy from 90210. What is the title? you beg – I know the anticipation is killing you!!  It is called, “Sharknado”.  Yes, you have read that correctly.  Don’t be afraid to ask… what?!?  (I did!)  It is Shark and Tornado.

At this point it is relevant to believe that you too can come up with a T.V. worthy movie title by writing weather phenom in one stack of papers and scary animals in the other then pick and find a way to combine them!  Ready???

Tsunomi and Pirana – Pirnomi!!

Blizzard and Anaconda – Anazard!!

Volcano and Alligators – Volcators!!

<if you are from the SyFy channel and are interested in using any of these – message me, lol!

And this is happening in Kansas?  No.  No.  Instead it is all set in – yes, you guessed it – L.A.   No – you didn’t guess that?  Hmph.  {mental note to add setting to the above game}

Think “Jaws” crossed with “The Wizard of Oz” with a touch of “Soul Surfer” minus any breathe of reality!


Yeah, I can’t believe we watched it all either!  It was entirely predictable, but you just had to watch just to make sure that you had predicted it correctly!

I know.  You have all taken a moment to google it.  Believe it or not  – it is a new release.

I am still laughing.

My next thought, “We must immediately begin work on a drinking game to this movie!!”  (My sister had the exact same thought when I told her what we were watching which assures me it is a normal response,lol).  Every time you predict a person being eaten correctly, DRINK!”  Goodness, we’d all be dead.  From the sharknado.  BAHAHAHAHAHA.  Couldn’t help myself!  So sorry – I will try to contain myself to finish this out…

So although I’ve been through some stuff the last few days that truly fueled what was sure to be a most pleasurable, even memorable rant – I can’t even think past the sharks shooting out of a sewer drain!

I guess this is my sign that…

Life could Always be worse!!!




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