Wednesday. July 10th, 2013…………………..Day 20/60

If you read my other posts, you know that today was kind of rough for me.  It was my “day off” Insanity, now typing that I wonder if I should have just woke up and did it… I guess I will try that next week.

Still not seeing the earth shattering results that I thought I would, not that I can’t do things easier.  I do feel in great shape.  but I still don’t look it.  I don’t know what do say about how hard I work out.  When running I have had to slow down because my heart rate will spike to 180, even 190 (that is in a flat out run – not jog).  So I am not taking it too easy.  But I am just not seeing even the results I saw when I did J. Micheals 30 day Shred and with that all I did was add the workout – no shakes, no calorie counting.  Not that I am giving up.  Just frustrated. I look up and see that 20 days… and I have a hard time with the lack of visual change.

k, enough complaining.  Here is the stats of the day………

Get Fit Routine!!
Vitamin (Cg)  2
Shakeology  Yes – this time no OJ!
Insanity!!!  Day off
Walgreen’s Steps :  4.04 mi/8,080 steps
Anytime Fitness  no
Other WO:  no
My fitness pal ~ calories logged :  see below
Vitamin (Cc)  Yes
Logged all of above in my Blog!!  here it is  🙂
Goal Food Exercise = Net
1,480 1,465 – 376    1089
In retrospect, today’s shitty mood was brought to you by lack of Insanity and lack of calories.

I’m sorry – I’m done with it.  I’ll do better tomorrow!

As always Thanks for listening!


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