Tuesday. July 9th, 2013…………………..Day 19/60

What day is it?!?

Just kidding!  3 weeks in and I am feeling great!!   But let’s speak a little reality for just a minute.  By this I mean, my Insanity workout is in and I always feel like I just landed on the moon when I can say I completed the workout.  But when I was working out I was thinking:
“I need to convey how difficult this still is – how I still can’t keep with their rhythm even after 3weeks.”

It’s true.  I can’t keep pace.  There are some drills I have to do  r e a l l y  slow because otherwise it feels like I am just flailing about.  I take Shaun T’s words very seriously – “Form before Speed”.  I also used my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) for the first time today and it helps so much to make sure I am keeping in a safe range.


This is a chart I originally found useful.  There is such a thing as too much people!!!!

Then I came across this:


It gives a bit more info.  For example:

  • Warming up

    92 – 108 bpm

    This zone is used before or after a workout. To warm up, you’ll need to stay in this zone for five minutes prior to starting your workout. It can be used after training to gradually bring your heart rate back to normal.It can also be used for toning-up workouts and exercise during rehabilitation periods.
    • Fat burning/Fitness

      110 – 126 bpm

      This zone is effective for burning fat and body strengthening.
      To reach the desired effect, you need to stay in the zone for at least 30 minutes. The optimal time for the best result is at least 1 hour in the zone.

    I will admit that it is really hard to know what to trust on the internet.  If you have concerns that you are not finding a reliable answer on – ask your doctor!!!!

    Now for my daily Get Fit Tracking!!!

    Get Fit Routine!!
    Vitamin (Cg)  check.
    Shakeology  check
    Insanity!!!  Plyometric Cardio Circuit
    Walgreen’s Steps :  0
    Anytime Fitness  arms/abs
    Other WO:  0
    My fitness pal ~ calories logged :  check!  (below)
    Vitamin (Cc)
    Logged all of above in my Blog!!  IP 🙂


    Goal Food Exercise = Net
    1,230 1,748 – 795    953

    Make your day great!!



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