Learning curves

So, I track my food intake with myfitnesspal.com – it is a really useful tool but I really felt unsure about the whole daily calorie allotment.

Tonight I found http://walking.about.com/cs/calories/l/blcalcalc.htm which allows you to input some data and it generates the amount of calories your body would need to MAINTAIN your current weight.  For me this number is 2341.

In my fitness pal with the weight loss I want to see ( a very reasonable 1.5lbs a week) My calorie intake recommended daily is 1480.  So I struggle every day to reach 1480.  My problem is that every day I do Insanity and even on the lowest end of calories burned let’s say 350 – I now have to eat 1480 + 350 to be healthy and lose the weight.  Is this right?

I have been struggling less now that I am doing the Shakeology – but some days are harder than others.

If you are reading this and notice something wrong with my math – please let me know!!  Or if you have suggestions!  It’s all about sharing in the journey to reach success!!



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