Monday. July 8th, 2013…………………..Day 18/60

Monday, Monday, so good to me…

at least that is what I am hoping for!   It has been a crazy holiday weekend.  Found out one of the best ab workouts is probably raking dead leaves!  We did alot of landscaping this weekend (will post some pix later).  On top of my Insanity – my body is sore!!  Went for a short walk last night 1.33 Miles.

Also – my little present arrived!  The Heart Rate Monitor and Food Scale!  So excited! Need to pick up some batteries but then I will be set to go!!

I am working on my own daily checklist as a reminder of things I can do to achieve a healthy lifestyle!  I

Get Fit Routine!!
Vitamin (Cg)  9:52am   x2
Shakeology  yummm!
Insanity!!!  check!
Walgreen’s Steps :                 Run   38Min  2.72m / 5,440 steps
Anytime Fitness  0
Other WO:  0
My fitness pal ~ calories logged :  thru a.m.
Vitamin (Cc)
Logged all of above in my Blog!!  Yes!

Change does not happen on its own, make it happen!!!



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