Saturday. June 29, 2013…………………..Day 10/60

You may want to skip reading this one…  but I can’t not type out how I am feeling.

I did it.

I stepped on the scale.

I woke up feeling great and thought – ya know what?  It’s gonna be okay to weight myself, because I am working out, sticking to healthy eating, a shake a day and really pushing myself during the workouts.

In just over a week I have lost 0.6lbs.  10 days really.

How am I going to lose 30lbs in 60 days if in 1/6 of that time I only lost .6lbs?

I kinda wanted to curl up and cry.

You know what I did??

I put my shoes on

put a big check mark on today on my Insanity calendar.

Put in the DVD and worked harder.

Focusing more on the muscles I was using.

You can always do better.  You can always do more.

I will make this goal, because








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