Thursday. June 27, 2013…………………..Day 8/60

Life of a Mom.

I watched a friend’s kids right away this morning and it turned into a play-date as such things often do.  So I am off schedule.  A month ago I would have panicked… worried… fretted even that I would lose my motivation to work out.  Today, I feel no such thing!  I am so excited to work out that I know *know* that I will get it in before the day is through!

I had my shake this morning (9:10am)  and you guessed it – loved it!

**Completed**  my Insanity – Cardio Power & Resistance  ❤ ❤  ❤

My arms are shaking, my head is dripping sweat.  I can not keep up with them action for action – but I focus on the form.  Sometimes though watching them go fast trips me up but I restart and try to focus on my abs and form.  When I lose my breath I walk a circle and picture my after pictures and then get right back at it.

It is not easy, with all the energy and happiness I have been spewing I want to be clear.

But I already can do more than the first time I did the video.  I can reach farther.  I can keep up longer.  And I FEEL different.  Never before with any program did my body actually FEEL different physically ~~ like I can feel my body getting stronger.

To mention the energy and happiness… I am so happy I could cry.  If you started at the beginning – you know my terrible habit of eating once a day just before bed.  These shakes…. *tears*  I am so full of….   happiness/healthiness.  My kids are experiencing a whole new Mom!

Every day.

That is my commitment to myself.

Every day!  

Never Give Up!



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