The Author in me…

I love writing.  I love the eloquent way the words can flow into one another or one word can reach out and expose feelings; tears, laughter, grief,  or solace.   In times of excess stress, sadness, tension – a good book can transport you out of your own mind, away from your troubles, refresh you so that at the end – you can tackle those problems with vigor and a positive attitude!   It is the truest form of magic and I, for as long as I can remember, have picked up my ‘wand’ and practiced.

As a result, I have note pages here, there and everywhere of poems, lyrics, story outlines and boxes of pages and pages of manuscripts waiting….   to be edited, to be read, to be published.

And I am certainly not getting younger, so it is time to figure these into my things to do!

Here is my progress updates, my journey and hopefully (soon) a link to purchase!


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